2021 Ethics Legislation

Public officials may face new ethics laws after the 2021 session. Increased Ethics Committee oversight, public meeting laws and economic interest statements are targeting for reform. HB 2922 deserves support for addressing public officials and their economic interests associated with their governing body.

HB 2922Requires statement of economic interest to include certain information about sources of income for business in which public official or candidate, or member of household of public official or candidate, is officer, holds directorship or does business under if source of income has legislative or administrative interest and 10 percent or more of total gross annual income of business comes from that source of income.
SB 501Increases criminal and civil penalties for subsequent and intentional violations of specified election laws.
SB 62Prohibits current or former public official from soliciting, receiving or using public moneys from public body to pay or make payments on civil penalty imposed by Oregon Government Ethics Commission.
HB 2222Modifies definition of “meeting” for purposes of public meetings law to state that meeting may occur without regard to location or stated purpose for which members of governing body convene.
HB 2659Expands duties of Oregon Government Ethics Commission to conduct investigations, make findings and impose penalties for violations of public meetings law.

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