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Yoshikai Elementary School

Alyce Yoshikai, the namesake of our elementary school, died Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Mrs. Yoshikai, 87, died from natural causes. Alyce Yoshikai was a teacher, principal and administrator for the Salem-Keizer school district for 39 years. Yoshikai Elementary School was named in her honor October 11, 1994. Yoshikai Elementary is committed to creating a safe, […]

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Weddle Elementary School

Weddle was named for Carmalite Weddle, who was principal of Keizer Elementary District before it was incorporated into the Salem-Keizer School District. She was the first principal of Kennedy Elementary, beginning in 1964. She was also the president of Salem Area Seniors, encouraging seniors to volunteer at public schools.

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Washington Elementary School

Washington Elementary is named for George Washington, first president of the United States of America.​

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Sumpter Elementary School

Sumpter was named after Mable P. Sumpter, a long-time teacher in the district. She was principal at Hoover Elementary in 1952. The sign in front of the school reads “Mable P. Sumpter Community School.”   Meet Mrs. Prats, the Principal When I was a little girl, I lived on a farm outside of Independence, Oregon, […]

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Scott Elementary

Scott Elementary School opened in 1977. It was named for Harry W. Scott, who was a bicycle shop owner in Salem from 1919 to 1963. He would fix children’s bikes, often for little or no cost. He was on the Salem-Keizer School Board from 1946-1961, serving as chairperson for five years. The Salem Chamber of […]

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