Preserve What Works – Public Education as a Foundation for Democracy

Public education allows our democracy to function. Ross advocated for more teachers, nurses, librarians, and counselors to reduce class size during the Student Success process. His commitment to education finds him in public schools and board meetings often. He is a member of Oregon Public Education Network which has helped influence legislation to end exit exams and the formation of a legislative assessment work group in 2021.

Restore Relationships – Between the School Board, District, Students, and Community

Community voices are excluded by data-driven decision making. These limitations have eroded community trust and led to disarray during School Board meetings. Ross aims to restore trust with more humane local outcome measurements that include the community and improve communications.

Enhance Human Connections – Education Through Innovation and Culture

Through event programming with Salem Creative Network, Ross has gained valuable experience in connecting agencies with shared alignment and creating successful solutions to large-scale challenges in the community. Offering innovative cultural events that benefit everyone attracts support and leads to long-term results.

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