Candalaria Elementary School


Contracts were awarded for the construction of Candalaria School on February 23, 1955. The total contract price of $285,000 included the general construction, heating, plumbing and electrical work, but did not iN s elude the land cost or the architect’s fee The building will house approximately 360 pupils and has a total floor space of I 23, 579 square feet. The cost per square foot was $12. 11 The building contains eleven classrooms one library room, a multi-purpose room with stage, a health room, an office, four toilet rooms, one boiler room, one janitor’s room, and a covered play area. The school was first occupied in September, 1955, with a beginning enrollment of 210 students. At the end of the school year, June 1956, the enrollment was 220

Beginning September, 1956 the enrollment had risen to 290 and has remained at approximately this figure during this year. In the year 1955-56 there was a staff of 8, including a teaching-principal. Also, there was a part-time secretary, custodian, cook and cook’s helper. This year, 1956-57, the staff includes principal, secretary, ten teachers, custodian, part-time custodian.

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