Cummings Elementary School


The Cummings Elementary School opened its doors to students November of 1953; approximately nine months after a bond election was held by the Keizer School District #88, Marion County, Oregon for aboded indebtedness of $154, 000. This money was used for constructing, furnishing and equipping this new elementary I By: George Wright, school. Principal Cummings School is located at 555 Cummings Lane, Salem, Oregon on a ten acre tract between Cummings Lane and an extension of Dearborn Avenue, west of Delight Avenue and a line extended south. This site was selected because of its proximity to large centers of population within walking distance of the school. The school serves all children of elementary school age. The land, which was purchased from the Springer Estate for the sum of $15, 000. It was originally owned by the Cummings family, one of the oldest families in the Keizer district. Mr. Arthur Cummings (for whom the school is named) has long been active in community affairs.

The actual construction of the plant began in June of 1953. The building was designed by architect Lyle Bartholomew. Mr. Erwin E. Batterman was the general contractor. The total area of the building is approximately 16, 200 sq. ft.. All exterior ,falls and floors are of reinforced concrete. The outside of the building is finished in Stucco. The original plans called for six or seven classrooms with a multi-purpose room, but the plans were revised to include ten classrooms, cafeteria, kitchen, health room, teachers’ lounge, workroom. general office, principals office, boiler room and book storage room. Every room in the building is one hour fire resistive by the use of gypsum lathe and laster. A11 coverings in all rooms are acoustically treated. All floors, except restrooms, are covered with asphalt tile. The restrooms, are covered with terrazo. The lass rooms are assured good lighting by the large windows and sky domes. The school is automatically oil heated. Steel sash is used throughout the building The plant is designed for future expansion over a long period of years.

Each year the enrollment and staff of Cummings School has continued to grow. Mrs Golda Bradfield was the teaching principal for the school year 1953-54 with a student enrollment of approximately 200. For the school year 1954-55, Mrs. Mildred Odgers was the teaching principal with an enrollment of approximately 215. In the Fall of 1955, Keizer School District #88, Marion County, Oregon consolidated with the Salem School District 24JC. Mrs. Dorothy Carpenter was the teaching principal for the school year 1955-56 with an enrollment of 234. Mr. George B. Wright became the principal in 1956 with a staff of ten teachers, secretary, cook and custodian. Enrollment for 1956-57 averaged 279 students. Cummings School continues to serve the fast growing area in and around Manbrin Gardens.

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