Halls Ferry Elementary


At the time it was founded our school was christened “Riverview”, Then later was changed to “River- dale” after nearby Riverdale Park. After a few years the school was officially named Hall’s Ferry School. This name was taken from the Hall’s Ferry Station. Before 1917 the children from the Halls Ferry Community attended school at Roberts which was organized about 1870 and was a one room school until 1916, The Roberts school became so crowded that the people in the Halls Ferry Community petitioned for a separate school. This was granted.

In February of 1917, Mr. E. M Croisan, donated one and one’-half acres of land for a school. There were two nee quests by Mr. Croisan, one that no trees be cut unless the idea be approved by 2/3 of the people of the community and that the property donated for the school, revert back to the original property owner if the time should come when it is not used for school purposes.

The new district was bonded for $1200 to build the school. The building was placed on a knoll with slopes on all sides. In 1938, this knoll was cut down and the building lowered eight feet. At the same time permission was granted to make wood of some of the trees and level off a few more humps and hollows, which gave the children more room to play.

About 1942, the district hired a large grader and worked the grounds to the present condition. When school convened in 1938, 64 children registered for work in the one room school. The woodshed was converted into a temporary primary room and within a week school was in session. The next year, with the aid of the P. W. A. and $800 negotiable interest bearing bonds the present primary room was added to the building. Then came the inside plumbing and next the kitchen and play shed. Material for the playshed was bought with money earned by adult programs, Mother’s Club dinners, etc. The actual construction was done mostly by donation of time. Even the ladies of the community helped to lay shingles 51

In 1953 the Halls Ferry District consolidated with the Salem School District #24-C In 1956 for reasons of economy it was proposed to close the school and transport the children to Rosedale School. Due to poor road conditions between Rosedale and Halls Ferry and many protests from the Halls Ferry Community this was not carried through at the present time.

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