Hoover Elementary School

Hoover School is one of Salem’s newer elementary schools, located in the East Englewood area, just outside the city limits, on Savage Road. The school was named Hoover for the former president, Herbert Hoover, who spent part of his youth in Salem. A life-sized portrait of Herbert Hoover hangs in the front hall. Penned on the border of the portrait are the words “To the Hoover School of Salem, Oregon, with the good wishes of Herbert Hoover.

Hoover school opened its doors September 18, 1952, with a staff of nine teachers and an enrollment of 200 children. It is a single- story building of brick veneer and glass block construction, having 13 classrooms, with special facilities of multipurpose room, library, office, health center, and special education room. Hoover School is located in a community with a rapidly-growing population. In the past five years the enrollment has increased to 386 children. At the present time the library is being used as a classroom.

Hoover School has an active Parent-Teacher organization that has contributed much to the general welfare of the school and the community. Each year the Parent-4 Teacher organization purchases several pieces of equipment for the school. They have also defrayed the expenses of two teachers and principal to attend educational conferences. Youth organizations, such as Boy Scouts, club Scouts, Bluebirds, Campfire Girl, and 4′-H Club shave been sponsored by the Parent’-Teacher organization.

The tall, native grasses of the Willamette Valley still grew breasthigh to a man riding on horseback when Oregon’s teachers held their first professional meeting. Indian uprisings and difficulties of transportation frequently restricted attendance at the meetings. But those pioneer teachers knew the values of professional association. They met in Territorial days and the early years of statehood to discuss their common problems, to take appropriate action to advance the causes of education, and to lay plans for the future. Our present Oregon Education Association has a long history behind it.

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