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Leslie Junior High School opened its door to students twenty-nine years ago, on September 19, 1927. During its twenty-nine years Leslie has provided the surrounding community with an educational center. Information for this story was obtained by compiling information received from teachers, students, records and other such sources. Improvements have continually been made.. In 1938 the basket- ball score board was purchased. In 1942 the first motion picture projector was purchased and motion pictures were first used in classrooms. The swimming pool was 80 constructed in 1940. Every spring during Mr. Tavenner’s stay at Leslie a spring “clean-up” day was sponsored to clean up the ground and school. Mrs. LaMoine R. Clark was the first principal. During her twelve years at Leslie, Mrs. Clark showed great interest in the school and in the students. She had lots of pep rallies which she led herself, and she organized a P, T. A. Mr. Tavenner became principal in 1938 and was at Leslie six years. It was during his six years that the cafeteria started. One highlight during his principalship at Leslie was the short weekly assembly that followed the progress of the war. Mr. Tavenner spoke to the students in these assemblies for approximately 20 minutes.

After Mr. Tavenner left, Miss Joy Hills took over as principal of Leslie and was here five years. She, like the rest of the principals, entered full-heartedly into her job. Improvements continued to be made during her stay at Leslie. Mr. Charles D. Schmidt followed Miss Hills. Mr. Earl Hampton followed Mr. Schmidt. He is in his fourth year as principal of Leslie. November 23, 1936 marked a great day in the history of Leslie. It was on this day that the auditorium and the gymnasium were dedicated. The auditorium addition provided for four new classrooms in the basement.

The shops, which were previously held in a small barn-like structure, occupied three of the rooms. The band and orchestra occupied the fourth room. The auditorium accommodates 1, 200 students and seats. 912 on the main floor. The gymnasium addition provided for four new classrooms and a complete gym. A partition through the middle gives space for both boys and girls to take gym at the same time. The balcony will accommodate the entire student body.

In the basement, dressing rooms are provided for girls and boys. These dressing rooms are equipped with showers, a basket room, teacher’s office, lockers, dressing stalls, and several toilets and wash bowls. The gym and dressing rooms are well ventilated with fresh air from outside. Governor Martin spoke at the dedication to a group of 850 people# The dedication of these additions occurred in Mrs. Clark’s period of principalship at Leslie.

The “Rocket” is Leslie’s annual. Although it was first published in 1949, it is fast becoming a tradition at Leslie. Eight issues have been published so far. The “Broadcaster” is Leslie’s school paper. It comes out weekly and in 1949 was , .the only Junior High School newspaper in the United States that was published weekly. Since the fall of 1950 the “Broadcaster” has won first place ratings in a National con- test. In earlier years there was no annual. Instead, a special ninth grade issue was published. The ninth grade advisor had charge of this project.

The band and orchestra were organized by Gordon Finley in 1938. Mr. Finley is ,now with the United States Navy Band as assistant conductor and cornet soloist. The following figures show the course of Leslie’s enrollment since the school was built in 1927. 1 1927 -| 401 students 1942 530 students 1928 – 364 II 1943 – 473 It 1929 – in. 334 II 1944 553 an II – 372 students 1945 – 560 students 1930 – 400 It 1946 – 547 H 1931 1932. 1 383 1947 an 639 II H 593 619 II 1933 .l II 1948 an 708 II 1934 – 420 II 1949 1 1935 – 383 II 1950 – 744 11 368 II 1951 1936 4 760 H an 1937 – 357 II 1952 – 744 H 1938 532 II 1953 – 790 H in 11 1954 1219 H 1939 – 501 464 II 1955 – 1320 II 1940 – 500 II 1956 1530 H 1941

The first talent shows and assemblies that Leslie had were exchange assemblies with Parrish and Shumway Junior High School of Vancouver. Mr. Tavenner started the talent shows and they have become part of Leslie. “Cap Day” and “Hello Day” were a part of Leslie in its earliest years. “Hello Day” is still observed. For “Cap Day” a committee of students would make crepe pa or hats and sell them to the students.

The money received from these sales was use~ to buy things for the school. The Girls’ League Association is for all girls attending Leslie. They elect their own officers and give special programs such as Mothers’ Tea and plays. The Girls’ Athletic Association was organized by Miss Wilson in 1947. Any girl earning 50 points is eligible to be a G. A. A. The G. A. A. was only for ninth graders, but Miss Wilson made it possible for the Seventh and Eighth graders to belong. Leslie Junior High School won the principal award in 1955-56 and the medal in 1956 – 57 given by Freedoms’ Foundation.

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