2017-2021 reading list

2017-2021 reading list 
Assessment Literacy for Educators in a HurryW. James Popham
Connecting Standards and Assessment Through LiteracyConley, Mark W.
Antidemocracy in AmericaKlinenberg, Eric
Nervous states : democracy and the decline of reasonDavies, William
The crisis of the middle class constitutionSitaraman, Ganesh
State captureHertel-Fernandez, Alexander

How to save a constitutional democracyGinsburg, Tom

The madness of crowdsMurray, Douglas
Democracy in AmericaTocqueville, Alexis de
Can democracy work? : a short history of a radical idea, from ancient
 Athens to our worldMiller, Jim
MonopolizedDayen, David
The crisis of the middle class constitutionSitaraman, Ganesh
Wealth, poverty and politics Sowell, Thomas
Anti-science and the assault on democracyThompson, Michael
In our own image : savior or destroyer? : the history and future of artificial intelligenceZarkadakēs, Giōrgos
Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence Tegmark, Max,
Thinking machines : the quest for artificial intelligence--and where it'sDormehl, Luke
Left to their own devicesAlbright, Julie M.
The new OlympiansJ O'Hearn, K.
Automating inequality Eubanks, Virginia

Beyond the valley : how innovators around the world are overcoming
 inequality and creating the technologies of tomorrowSrinivasan, Ramesh
A human's guide to machine intelligenceHosanagar, Kartik
The robots are coming!Oppenheimer, Andres
The big disconnectSteiner-Adair, Catherine
Who's afraid of AI?Ramge, Thomas
Technically wrongWachter-Boettcher, Sara
Radical technologiesGreenfield, Adam
SuperintelligenceBostrom, Nick

No place to hideO'Harrow, Robert
DigitizedBentley, Peter
Beautiful evidenceTufte, Edward R.
Weapons of math destructionO'Neil, Cathy
Your right to privacy : minimize your digital footprintBronskill, Jim
They know everything about you : how data-collecting corporations and
 snooping government agencies are destroying democracyScheer, Rober
Privacy and security in the digital ageCunningham, Anne C
PrivacyMerino, Noë
The soft cage : surveillance in America : from slavery to the war on
 terrorParenti, Christian
Adaptive markets : financial evolution at the speed of thoughtLo, Andrew W.
Data and GoliathSchneier, Bruce
The industries of the futureRoss, Alec
Sumpter, David J. T.

Machine, platform, crowdMcAfee, Andrew
MetahumanChopra, Deepak
Information technology and military powerLindsay, Jon R
Toxic inequalityShapiro, Thomas M
The invisible history of the human raceKenneally, Christine
White trashIsenberg, Nancy

Harvest of empire González, Juan
The digital apeShadbolt, Nigel

The accidental Homo sapienTattersall, Ian

Enlightenment now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress Pinker, Steven
The human networkJackson, Matthew O

The inner levelWilkinson, Richard G
How to be AntiracistKendi, Ibram
What does it mean to be white?DiAngelo, Robin J
The white man's burdenEasterly, William
Finding LatinxRamos, Paola
White NegroesJackson, Lauren Michele
The new “N” Word: The White Middle ClassHill, Jim
Against their will : the secret history of medical experimentation on children in Cold War AmericaHornblum, Allen M.
The guarded gate  
     Okrent, Daniel
The eugenics movement : an encyclopedia     Engs, Ruth Clifford.

Responsibility and judgmentArendt, Hannah
The Third Reich : a new historyBurleigh, Michael
The gene : an intimate historyMukherjee, Siddhartha
War against the weak : eugenics and America's campaign to create a master
 raceBlack, Edwin.
Eichmann in JerusalemArendt, Hannah
Among the survivors
 of the Holocaust, 1945 : the Landsberg DP camp letters of Major Irving HeymontHeymont, Irving
Unlearning with Hannah Arendt
Knott, Marie Luise
The origins of totalitarianismArendt, Hannah
Control : Mkultra, chemtrails and the conspiracy to suppress the massesRedfern, Nicholas
A crude look at the wholeMiller, John H. (John Howard)
The Portland red guide : sites & stories of our radical pastMunk, Michael
A song of Yamhill and Oregon's northwestern Willamette ValleyZimmerman, Gordon N.
All quiet on the Yamhill Bensell, Royal A.
At the hearth of the crossed races : a French-Indian community in
 nineteenth-century Oregon, 1812-1859Jetté, Melinda Marie
Breaking chainsNokes, R. Gregory
BLM's billion-dollar checkerboard : managing the O and C landsRichardson, Elmo
Eden within Eden : Oregon's utopian heritageKopp, James J.
Ewing Young, master trapperHolmes, Kenneth L.
Forces of prejudice in Oregon, 1920-1925Saalfeld, Lawrence J.
Governing Oregon : continuity and changeClucas, Richard A.
Legislative perspectives : a 150-year history of the Oregon legislatures from 1843 to 1993Heider, Douglas
Mexicanos in Oregon : their stories, their lives Gonzales-Berry, Erlinda
Oregon and the collapse of Illahee : U.S. empire and the transformation
 of an indigenous world, 1792-1859 Whaley, Gray H.
Pictographs & petroglyphs of the Oregon countryLoring, J. Malcolm
Sonny Montes and Mexican American activism in OregonMay, Glenn Anthony
The centennial collectionBrown, Charlene
The end of the mythGrandin, Greg

The first OregoniansBerg, Laura

The Oregon question : essays in Anglo-American diplomacy and politicsMerk, Frederick
The radical middle class : populist democracy and the question of
 capitalism in progressive era Portland, OregonJohnston, Robert D.

The Salem clique : Oregon's founding brothersMahoney, Barbara S.
The troubled life of Peter Burnett : Oregon pioneer and first Governor of
      CaliforniaNokes, R. Gregory
To the promised land : a history of government and politics in OregonMarsh, Tom