Swegle Elementary School


Swegle School was first built around 1900. George Swegle donated the land for the school in the Garden Road area east of Salem. It was formerly part of District No. 3; then it became District No. 78 when school boundaries were changed.

In 1903 the one-room school had nine students and one teacher. In 1923-24, a new plant was built and the old building was moved to the north of the building and later was removed from the property. It was a one room school until 1930-33 (dates are indefinite) when it became a two room school. In 1937 it was a two-room school as yet, but a small building across the street became the third room. This was in use until 1938 when two more rooms were add- ed. It then was a three-room school with an all-purpose room or gym.

There were four teachers and one custodian employed. It was operated by a school board, consisting of a chairman, clerk, and member. On March 11, 1947, it was agreed by the voters of District No. 78 to consolidate with Salem Public. School system, Dist. # 24CJ. The school census at that time, inclusive of 4-19 years of age, was 189. The last addition was built in 1950 with four more rooms being added. It now operates as an 8 room school with seven teachers. a cook, and custodian. In 1957 the daily membership in school was 190. The P. T. A. was organized in 1939 and has helped in many beneficial and useful projects; one being the provision of hot school lunches in 1943 for ten cents per child.

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